For the actor, see Vincent Haquin.
Heavy Rain - Vincent
Debut Epilogue - Heroine
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Status Hallucination (possibly)
Hair color Unknown
Eye color Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Model Unknown
Voice Unknown

Vincent is a minor character in Heavy Rain. He appears in one of Madison Paige's endings if she survives, is not in a romance with Ethan Mars, if Ethan survives (or gets arrested/shot by the police if Madison is in a romance with him), and Shaun Mars is saved.


In the EpilogueEdit

Madison holds a book signing for her recently published book, titled Heavy Rain, when she is approached by a fan who calls himself Vincent. He claims Madison could use an enemy who is more "ferocious." As Madison finishes signing the book, she looks up only to find the mysterious fan has vanished. Vincent is most likely a serial killer, with his comment about an adversary who's more "ferocious" referring to himself. However, he may instead be a hallucination who represents Madison's insomnia, since no one in the line seems to notice him leaving when Madison looks up.

You can see him in Heavy Rain Chronicles: Episode One. In the first scene, instead of walking to the front door, walk past the garage to the left and continue to the oil barrels. From that point, you can look to the neighbor's back yard, where you will see him smoking. You can also notice two young kids playing in front of this house.


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