Debut Jayden Blues
Gender Male
Age 40-50
Birthdate 1960-1970
Status Alive
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Occupation Waiter
Model Armando Gamberini
Voice James Sparrow
Oh, one last thing sir. You should be careful not to over indulge in you know what. It can be dangerous, very dangerous. It'll end up killing you if you're not careful. That would be most unfortunate, sir.

The waiter is a minor character in Heavy Rain. He appears almost every time Norman Jayden uses his ARI. He always gives Norman cryptic warnings and has a very distinctive and formal way of speaking.

He first appears in "Jayden Blues," trying to help with the investigation. He wears a red jacket and black pants.

Chapter appearancesEdit


  • The waiter is likely a product of ARI, as Jayden wears the glasses and if you get arrested with Ethan, Jayden stays in his office the whole time, but the scene with the waiter still appears.