"Where's Shaun?" is the eighth chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Ethan desperately tries to find Shaun.


After waking from the blackout at the park, the player must react quickly to avoid a truck that will nearly run Ethan over (Ethan cannot be killed here but he can get banged up). Ethan realizes hours have passed since he was at the park with Shaun; he races back to the park and frantically searches for his son. He finds Shaun's backpack but no people or sign of Shaun's whereabouts. Panicking and desperate, he runs home and searches the apartment top-to-bottom for Shaun, only to burst back outside empty handed. Ethan falls to his knees and realizes he is holding an origami figure; heartbroken, he yells Shaun's name and starts to cry.


  • Like other chapters in the game (i.e. "The Mall"), Ethan, due to his panic, runs much faster than during other chapters.
  • An explanation for the origami figures and Ethan's location when recovering is that the Origami Killer, described as thorough and meticulous, may have been watching Ethan even before abducting Shaun. It possible that the killer then placed the figure in Ethan's hand once he was unconscious, as well as moving him to the the Carnaby Row construction site.
  • The reason that the Origami Killer would have been able to abduct Shaun and transport Ethan from the park without being noticed, considering the later revelation of the killer's tactics (specifically the uniform s/he wore), it is somewhat more plausible that the killer may have been able to execute this maneuver at the park. For example, Ethan may have been silently knocked out by the killer, either via chloroform or sleeping gas, without having noticed. The killer then calls on Shaun that Ethan has lost consciousness and tells Shaun to follow, along with Ethan's body, then dumps Ethan off at Carnaby and takes Shaun away. Heavy Rain: Cutting Room Floor also explains this plot hole to an extent.